Different Types of Wood: In-depth Exploration

In this article, we’ll look into the two popular hardwoods: ash and walnut which are favourable among different types of wood. Wood has always been one of the most popular construction materials as well as for making furniture and other items due to its wide range of applications, strength, and elegant look.

The Diversity of Wood

It’s important to understand that there are different types of wood which are broadly categorized into two main groups: namely the hardwoods and the softwoods. This is based on the seed of the tree and not the true hardness of the wood in question. Hardwoods are derived from deciduous trees which shed their leaves every year while softwoods are derived from coniferous trees which are ever-green and have needle-like leaves.

Ash: The Versatile Hardwood

Ash wood is a hardwood that is sourced from the tree of the Genus Fraxinus or ash tree and is widely used due to its toughness, elasticity, and beautiful grain of the wood. Let’s explore some of its key characteristics:


Ash usually has a light to medium brown colour with a yellow or pink hue depending on the region. It has a commonly straight and quite visible grain pattern, which results in a very nice and natural grain pattern that many woodworkers and furniture makers like.


Another of ash’s strong suits is its high specific strength, that is the ratio of strength to weight. It is very dense and resistant, yet not too heavy; thus, it can be utilized in the construction of furniture and flooring as well as in sports accessories like baseball bats and hockey sticks.


Ash is not very hard and can be shaped by hand as well as by most machine tools. Stains it well, and is quite easy to finish which means that it can be designed to look almost any way one wants it to. This versatility along with the strength makes ash a popular choice with the craftsmen and furniture manufacturers.


Ash is also fairly quick growing and it is easy to find which makes it a good option for those who are worried about the environment. However, there is a problem some of the ash species are threatened by the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect species.

Walnut: The Luxurious Hardwood

Among the different types of wood, walnut, especially American black walnut (Juglans Nigra) is one of the most valued hardwoods. Due to its deep colour and very good handling qualities, this is a popular type of wood for use in high-quality furniture and ornamentation.


Walnut is famous for its heartwood with a dark chocolaty hue with occasional dark or even black veining and a very pleasing figure. The sapwood is usually lighter, it ranges from pale yellow to light grey or even pearly. The surface of walnut tends to change over time as it acquires a beautiful sheen to its already beautiful grain patterns.


Although it is not as tough as some other hardwoods, walnut is still a rather tough and decay-resistant wood. It’s quite durable and suitable for use in the furniture industry; it does not wear out easily and gains elegance with age.


Walnut is preferred by numerous woodworkers as it is quite enjoyable to use. It can be easily worked with and sanded until it becomes very smooth and can be stained or painted to look wonderful. It is also important to note that its natural oils can sometimes pose a problem to the adhesion of glue but this is not a big deal since one can easily work around it.


Walnut trees are relatively slower-growing than some of the other hardwoods which can be a concern for their environmental soundness. However, as a result of proper forest management and the fact that wood remains a durable material in final products, these questions are addressed.

Wood Selection in Your Project

When selecting wood for a project, consider factors such as:

1. Appearance: Consider the colour, grain pattern, and look that you want for your piece of furniture.

2. Durability: The purpose of the wood and the extent to which it will be used should also be taken into consideration.

3. Workability: If you are making the piece yourself then consider your level of expertise and the equipment that you have with you.

4. Cost: Different kinds of wood, for instance, may be costly, walnut while others may be cheaper, for instance, pine.

5. Sustainability: Explore the different types of wood and try to select the wooden products which are obtained from sustainable forests.

If you are looking for excellent solid wood furniture, the OAK Furniture Collection has a great selection of products made from different types of wood such as ash and walnut. Their skilled artisans take advantage of the characteristics of the particular type of wood to build high-quality and elegant pieces of furniture that are long-lasting.


There is a very wide spectrum of wood types and therefore it is very important to know what each type has to offer. It is useful to get familiar with different types of wood that are used, such as the robust and workable ash or the elegant walnut, knowing about their properties will assist you in your choice for your next project or piece of furniture.

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