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Holms Chair

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Copen Arm Chair


Sit in comfort with our range of elegant study chairs

A well-designed study chair is more than just a seat — it’s a key component of your productivity and well-being, whether you’re working, completing schoolwork or simply relaxing with a good book. The right chair should support your posture, facilitating hours of focused tasking while also seamlessly complementing and elevating the aesthetic appeal of the room. It’s an investment in your health and productivity, transforming your office or study area into a space where comfort, functionality and beauty are in complete harmony.

At Oak Furniture, we understand the importance of comfortable and inspiring furniture for study rooms. That’s why our range of study room chairs is designed to not only offer comfort but also enhance the elegance of your space, catering to the needs of those who spend hours at their desk, whether for work or leisure. Each piece in our collection offers all the benefits of high-quality furniture, promising not just style but durability and ergonomic support.

Discover the Oak Furniture difference

Our chairs for study rooms stand out for their craftsmanship and quality. The design of each chair reflects a harmonious blend of modern, Scandinavian and traditional influences, ensuring that they complement a wide range of interior styles.

The Holms Chair, for instance, uses American red oak, a hard and heavy wood, expertly shaped to an ergonomic, contemporary form.

Similarly, the Copen Arm Chair has an exquisitely carved American Oak frame paired with tan microfibre leather upholstery and a curved back design, making it an exceptionally comfortable study chair.

If you’re looking for a chair that offers more visual interest, choose the Madison Study Chair. Made from solid, premium oak and genuine brown leather, this piece is a statement of luxury and our commitment to excellence. You have the option to get it in either light walnut or its natural colour.

Every chair undergoes a meticulous 7-stage sanding and polishing process, ensuring a flawless finish that highlights the natural beauty of the oak. This attention to detail results in a piece of furniture that feels as good as it looks, with a smooth, tactile surface that invites you to sit back and relax in comfort.

Explore our range of other sophisticated living room furniture

In addition to our exquisite study chairs and furniture for study rooms, Oak Furniture stocks a diverse range of sophisticated living room furniture designed to elevate your home’s aesthetic and comfort. Our selection includes TV units, armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, hall tables and lamp tables. We also have a variety of options for the bedroom, dining room and home office — all crafted with the same commitment to quality, design and comfort, ensuring that your home is cohesively beautiful and highly practical.

Acquire your own Oak Furniture pieces either online or in person

Whether your study room embraces a contemporary aesthetic or leans towards classic design, our chairs will fit seamlessly, exuding both form and function. Shop our collection either online or visit our showrooms in Auburn and Castle Hill, New South Wales, to experience the quality and craftsmanship of our offerings in person.

Whether you’re looking for a study chair that marries comfort with elegance or sophisticated living room furniture to create a welcoming space, Oak Furniture has options to match every need and preference.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our pieces or would like some recommendations. Our team is dedicated to helping you select the perfect pieces for your home.