Welcome to Oak Furniture Collection, where we take pride in providing high-quality oak furniture and exceptional customer service. Our showrooms are designed to offer customers an immersive experience where they can explore a wide range of beautiful and durable furniture options.

We invite you to visit our oak furniture stores to see and feel the quality of our products in person.

Our Showrooms

The Auburn and Castle Hill showrooms of the Oak Furniture Collection offer a luxurious and inspiring shopping experience for customers looking for high-quality furniture. Both showrooms boast stunning design and exclusive collections.

Expert staff are available to provide personalised advice and recommendations, and customers can take advantage of showroom-exclusive discounts and promotions. The showrooms offer the opportunity to see and touch the furniture in person and appreciate the skilled craftsmanship that goes into every piece.


Shop B01, Level 1,
Primewest Auburn Megamall
265 Parramatta Road
NSW 2144
Phone: 02 9648 1830
Email: auburn@oakfurniturecollection.com.au

Castle Hill

Shop 63, Ground Floor,
South Building HomeCo. Hills
16 Victoria Ave
Castle Hill
NSW 2154
Phone: 02 8850 4075
Email: castlehill@oakfurniturecollection.com.au

The showroom experience

Our showrooms offer a unique and immersive experience that allows you to explore our oak furniture collections up close. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, with a layout and design that make it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa for your living room or a sturdy desk for your office, we have you covered.

Our showrooms feature a wide range of oak furniture products, including living room, bedroom, dining room, office furniture and collection pieces. You can see and feel the quality of each piece, and our expert staff are available to assist you in finding the perfect furniture item for your home.

Quality craftsmanship

At Oak Furniture Collection, we believe that craftsmanship is essential to creating high-quality oak furniture. We utilised traditional techniques and skilled craftsmanship to create furniture that is both beautiful and durable. With high-quality materials and attention to detail in the production process, we ensure that each piece of furniture is built to last.

We are passionate about preserving the art of traditional furniture-making and take great pride in producing functional furniture. From the design process to the finished product, we ensure that every piece of furniture is crafted with the utmost care.

Benefits of visiting the showrooms

Visiting our oak furniture stores offers several benefits online shopping cannot match. Here are some more details on the advantages of experiencing our showrooms in person:

  • Get a hands-on experience — Seeing and touching the furniture in person allows you to appreciate the texture, colour and quality of each piece. This way, you can make an informed decision before purchasing, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your selection.
  • Personalised advice and recommendations — Our expert staff can help you find the perfect furniture piece that matches your style, budget and space. They can offer recommendations and advice based on their extensive knowledge of our products and design expertise.
  • Visualise your dream home — Our showrooms are designed to help you visualise your dream home, with each section set up to showcase how different pieces of furniture can work together. You can get inspired by the various design options and layout possibilities, making it easier to create a cohesive and stylish living space.
  • Customer service — At our showrooms, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We want you to have the best possible experience while shopping with us, and our staff are always on hand to answer any questions and provide assistance.
  • Convenience — Our showrooms are conveniently located in Auburn and Castle Hill, making it easy for you to explore our range of furniture and pick out the pieces you want. Even better, you can avoid the hassle of having to lug home your purchase with you as we can deliver it directly to your doorstep.

Visit our oak furniture stores today

From the welcoming atmosphere to the wide range of oak furniture products available, we strive to provide our customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

By visiting our showrooms in person, you can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of furniture and make an informed purchase decision. Visit us today and see why Oak Furniture Collection is a trusted, high-quality oak furniture store.

To make an appointment or to learn more about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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